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Exploring Minnesota’s Sax-Zim Bog


Temperatures were in the negative digits and the sun was still below the horizon when we left the Bed & Breakfast in Hibbing, Minnesota. It was nearly 6am as we pointed our car towards Sax-Zim Bog, a layer of ice coated the rear window and we had every inch of skin covered in anticipation of the winds whipping the snowy landscape – but we wanted to see a Great Gray Owl.

City of Angels?


I’m not sure about the angels, but I can tell you we found something else with wings: birds. This watering hole in Griffith Park seemed to be the life of the party: You couldn’t take your eyes off it for a second or you’d miss something: I couldn’t keep up with this Allen’s Hummingbird: There he is again! Then I realized he wasn’t alone: Birds of a feather...

Los Angeles Flavor


I love eating in Los Angeles because there are so many vegetarian options. Here are some of the highlights from our visit. One of our favorite stops was Mohawk Bend in Echo Park. Retrofitted into a 100-year old Vaudeville theater, they use Californian ingredients to create food for all types of appetites. They have 72 taps of craft beer, 6 stainless steel wine taps, and artisanal spirits. You...

Los Angeles Through Pictures


I love Los Angeles because California Girl has the best ideas for daily adventures. This was The Husband’s first visit, so there was a lot of ground to cover in three days. Here are some of the highlights of what we saw and what we did. Griffith Observatory Griffith Park Did I mention the views? Little Tokyo We couldn’t leave California without heading to the beach, so our last day...

A Walk in Yerba Buena Gardens


Yerba Buena Gardens is two blocks of public parks in the Mission District of San Francisco, California. The first block opened in 1993 and includes several public art installations and flowers beds along paved walkways. The second block of the park opened in 1998 and includes a Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial, located behind the waterfall fountain. This fountain is the largest on the West Coast...

The San Francisco Treat


When I found myself wandering up and down Mission Street in San Francisco with a growling stomach, I couldn’t decide what to do. The biggest challenge that I run into when traveling alone is trying to figure out where to eat, I’m usually overwhelmed by the options. Then I saw a sign in the distance, all it said was “TEA * FOOD.” It doesn’t get easier than that, right...

Back to Nature: My Last Day in LA


The last day of my visit, we woke up to some inspiration to climb a mountain: Well, not a mountain because this Midwest girl prefers flatter terrains, but we decided to head to Griffith Park to climb parts of hills. Trouble is, when we got to the car there was motivation to go back to bed: Still, we couldn’t let Wonder Woman down so we got to the park and started our hike. It was a...

Day Two: Los Angeles


Well, I can’t complain about Day Two in Los Angeles. We found ourselves at Café Gratitude for a raw, vegan lunch. I’m neither raw nor vegan, but this lunch was delicious. The plants at the nursery were AMAZING and could the weather be more perfect? I can’t imagine anything more perfect than the amazing handmade dress I found at Matrushka that fits like it was made for me: And...

California Adventures: Day One


The first time I came to LA was with my dad and he surprised me by pulling a giant bag of candy out of his suitcase when we got to the hotel. The only thing better than that, is coming to see California Girl. She is the perfect reminder that everything is better when you do it with a friend. Every weekend with California Girl involves at least one visit to a fabric store, and Michael...

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