Revisiting Delusions of Marathoning


I usually write a history post for Throwback Thursday but this week I’m looking at my blogging history instead. Inspired by the Twin Cities Marathon, here is a repost of my feature from last year titled: Delusions of Marathoning. Enjoy! hvh ***** Today was the Twin Cities Marathon, always a fun time on our block since we’re right on the route – the 14 mile mark, to be exact...

Remembering Septembers Past


It’s hard to believe that I’ve been blogging for a year now. That got me wondering, what was I doing at this time last year? I was tickled to see that almost to the day, I was in the middle of the hummingbird migration.

I sat on my back step for hours watching them come and go.

Our feeder is full and I’m waiting for their return.

A Dutch Girl in Minnesota


If I’ve followed the vague conversations about lineage correctly, my ancestors were German, Swedish and Dutch. The Dutch component has always intrigued me most, it felt unique in a state known for its Swedish and Norwegian heritage. (Lutefisk, anyone?) When I recently learned that the Van Heels came to Minnesota from Holland in the 1870s, I started wondering why. What would prompt someone to...

Power in Numbers


I distinctly remember standing at my dad’s grave site for the first time knowing that I would never forget it. The moment is burned on my brain as though it was only yesterday, full of raw emotion and vivid detail. You can imagine my confusion then when I went to visit the site and couldn’t find it. I drove straight to where I remembered it being and then wandered around the graves...

Desperately Seeking Silver Linings


Things never seem to go as planned. The universe has an uncanny way of throwing things off no matter how hard we try to keep them under control. As adults, everywhere we look we see things that didn’t go the way we expected. Sometimes the new course is good but more often it seems bad; jobs are lost, relationships end, people get sick and loved ones die. At the same time, we can be so focused on...

For the Love of the Underdog


I have always been a fan of the underdog. Nothing appeals to me more than the little guy taking on the world, regardless of the odds against him. When I stop to think about it, I trace its roots to the impact the film ROCKY had on me growing up. The film and its sequels were favorites in our house. On New Year’s Eve, we had ROCKY marathons while we ate snacks and played games, we had the...

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