Move Over Coco


Okay, I’m definitely no Coco Chanel and have no desire to be, but I did successfully make two new skirts which has me pretty stoked. This is proving to be the best $9.99 that I ever spent: This is a great book for newbie sewers, at least according to this newbie sewer.  I wasn’t feeling very photogenic, so I dressed up Matilda. Please note, I put a t-shirt on her for modesty, not to...

What’s On Our Needles?


The girls were over for Stitch ‘n B*tch this week and as usual, it was fun to see what was on their needles. The Best-Good Friend has made amazing headway on this baby blanket for a friend. She’s making the Amirah Baby Blanket pattern by Katherine Vaughn: Our Happy Hooker is working on this lovely crochet baby blanket that has me mesmerized. No matter how many times I look at it, I can’t figure...

Is There a Doctor in the House?


Most of you probably don’t know this, but I started my college career pre-med. Yes, I had the very grand aspirations of becoming a doctor. It didn’t take long before I realized that I had absolutely no math or science skills, but still I pushed on valiantly. For a whole second quarter anyway. That’s when I received noticed that I was on academic probation, felt like a huge failure, and I realized...

Hacking My Way Through The Closet


The hours that I’ve spent over the last month watching NEW GIRL left me inspired to revisit my wardrobe. Until this point, I considered my style rather “Liz Lemon.” After watching all of the cute vintage-inspired dresses and fun pajama sets on NEW GIRL, I wanted to add a little “Jessica Day” to my life. I evaluated the closet and things looked bleak. Money was spent...

Date Night (for One): A Girl and Her Griddler


When the Best-Good Friend couldn’t make it for an impromptu dinner date tonight to test a new recipe, I felt the only responsible thing to do was to make panini. Yes, I still can not stop making (and eating) paninis. I’ve been slowly working my way through the leftovers in the fridge in a mind-blowing experimental spectacular of panini-making. Yesterday I even used the last of the...

Reckless Knitting or Creative Process?


My knitting mojo has been seriously off lately. Unless it is a scarf or shawl, projects are not turning out as planned. Don’t believe me? I give you these examples. The Baby Blue Cardi Last May, I excitedly blocked each piece of this lovely sweater. I was eager to finish because I thought the light, lace summer cardigan would be perfect for an upcoming work trip. I added the button band and...

Date Night (for One): Halloween Edition


Yesterday was Halloween and is The Husband’s favorite holiday. A busy work schedule had him behind with decorating, but in the end he pulled it off and many children (and parents!) stood staring in wonder at the house again this year: Holidays are always over too quickly, so I knew exactly how I would spend my Date Night (for One) this evening. My favorite scary movie, The Shining. A little...

Date Night (for One): Knitting Books and Vodka Tasting


I find that Date Nights without The Husband call for indulgent behavior. This week it would include perusing my new knitting book and sampling my homemade vodka infusions to see if they were ready for bottling. It turned out to be great fun until the next morning. Use care when sampling infused vodka, my friends, there’s a hangover creeping in every sip which is why this post is late this...

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