The Tragic Crash of Flight 307

Nestled in the trees along a quiet section of Minnehaha Parkway is a beautiful memorial that is such a natural part of the landscape, it’s easy to miss. I finally noticed this big rock as I drove by on my scooter several months ago and pulled over to investigate thoroughly stumped. How could I have missed this memorial for so long? It turned out to be a tragic story with a fairly recent history.

The Crash of Flight 307 memorial

In the midst of a severe snowstorm in 1950, NWA Flight 307 was trying to land with ten passengers and three crew members on board. Off course due to the low visibility, the plane’s left wing was clipped on a flagpole at Fort Snelling Cemetery and they tried circling to attempt another landing. Tragically, the damaged wing detached over the Washburn Water Tower and the plane crashed nearby into a family home along Minnehaha Parkway. The house was destroyed, two children were killed, and adjacent homes were damaged. In all, 15 people lost their lives on that tragic night.

In 2011, sixty years later, a memorial was placed across the street from the crash site. Dedicated to those who lost their lives, family members, neighbors and Minneapolis residents turned out to remember that snowy evening and ensure that it would never be forgotten.

The Crash of Flight 307 memorial is located across from 1114 West Minnehaha Parkway.

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