Day Two: Crockpot Christmas Crack

On the second day of Christmas Cookie recipes, Just a Pinch Recipes gave to me… the most amazing recipe for Crockpot Fudge!
crockpot fudge

This recipe wasn’t kidding when it said it serves “a LOT,” so next year I will attempt a half batch. Even with three of us making it, we quickly decided that dropping the fudge by spoonfuls on waxed paper would take too long. Instead, we lined two cookie sheets with wax paper and poured the fudge in, spreading it with a knife to fit the pans. Once it cooled, we dropped the cookie sheets on a hard surface to loosen and then broke the fudge into pieces.

Want to whip up a batch of Crockpot Christmas Crack for yourself? Get the entire recipe from Just a Pinch!

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