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Monday posts are supposed to feature my weekend adventures but what do you write about when you finally catch up on cleaning and miscellaneous projects around the house? That can be an adventure in and of itself.

I tackled the housecleaning with gusto, finally catching up on Serial. If you haven’t been listening to this podcast, you should. Serial is a new podcast following one story over the course of the series; they are currently looking at the story of Hae Min Lee, a young girl who was murdered in 1999. As I listened, I wondered: Did Adnan commit the murder or was an innocent man in jail? According to the story, Hae Min Lee was a popular girl with a sweet and loving nature, but was she secretly involved with a dancing a midget who talked backwards? Or did Twin Peaks leave such an impression on me that I will always wonder when the Log Lady will make an appearance and tell me that the trees are not what they seem?

By the time I caught up on Serial, I was tackling my knitting, spinning and weaving materials. It seemed appropriate to start the audiobook Hit by a Farm by Catherine Friend because there was a picture of a sheep on the book cover. I was appalled by the number of UFOs (unfinished objects) that I found while I worked, even more appalled by the number that were stashed without patterns. While I listened to this Minnesota author’s tale of city girl turned farmer, I organized my tools, my yarn, my wool and gave knitting disasters new life. The skirt I knit last winter that looked obscene when I squeezed my as$ into it? It is now a lovely cowl. Sometimes you just need a little time away from a project to figure out the best solution.

When I started listening What the Dog Saw by Malcolm Gladwell, I was admiring my handiwork and finishing the Thanksgiving pumpkin pie. The house was once again clean, my stash and tools were organized and I had new hand knits to wear against the already frigid temperatures. Who says you have to leave the house to have a good time?

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