The Breakfast of Champions


I’m about to make a very bold statement because I have had been to a lot of restaurants this summer. My favorite meal at a new restaurant in Minneapolis this summer was at Tiny Diner.* A lot of restaurants have fed me some really amazing meals, but the one that stands out in my mind is Tiny Diner’s Macro Bowl. Could their breakfast be as good? It just might be better.

When I looked at the menu, a few things jumped out at me. I was disappointed that they were out of the House Made Granola
(hemp, flax , nuts, dried fruit, organic yogurt, or choice of milk) so I scrapped my initial plan of having that with the Bruled Grapefruit. The disappointment was soon forgotten when my second choice arrived. The Tofu Scramble:

marinated tofu, seasonal vegetables, toast (vegetarian)
marinated tofu, seasonal vegetables, toast (vegetarian)

The Husband wanted a little of everything so The Breakfast of Champions was the perfect choice. The pancakes were gooooooood.

three eggs, short stack, hashbrowns, maple sausage, toast
three eggs, short stack, hashbrowns, maple sausage, toast

The Tiny Diner and Farm call itself a small place with big ideas. Their menus made with local food and the stuff they grow themselves is worth a visit every time of day.

* Please note all the clarifications in this statement. 🙂

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