Los Angeles Through Pictures


I love Los Angeles because California Girl has the best ideas for daily adventures. This was The Husband’s first visit, so there was a lot of ground to cover in three days. Here are some of the highlights of what we saw and what we did.

Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory
Took in the night views

Griffith Observatory
Raced through the exhibits at closing time

Griffith Park

griffith park
Climbed switchbacks

view from giffith park
Took in the views
griffith park
Risked dangerous animals
amir's garden
Lost track of time in hidden gardens
griffith park
And on vibrant pathways
allen's hummingbird
Observed wildlife great (Allen’s Hummingbird)
honey bee
And wildlife small

Did I mention the views?
griffith park

griffith park

Little Tokyo

paper art
Found treasures like this handmade 3-D paper art

We couldn’t leave California without heading to the beach, so our last day was all about the ocean.

Santa Monica

Santa Monica
Saw the future, it is in a Santa Monica parking ramp

Were on the Santa Monica Pier before the fog cleared
fishing poles
Just us and the fishermen
santa monica pier
Then suddenly, it was clear
Took in a street performance (SPOILER ALERT, he did get all the eggs into the cups)
Pacific Ocean
Splashed in the Pacific Ocean
santa monica promenade
And then walked the streets with dinosaurs

There was just time to drive to Malibu before heading for home

Cue the M*A*S*H theme song

More of our adventures to come….

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