March Madness Sets In


March is my least favorite month of the year. It’s at this point that the beautiful white snow turns into what I refer to as “dirty winter” and the season loses its luster. Our lovely city looks its worst during this time as spring struggles to gain a foothold against a winter that does not want to end. This is the time that one begins feeling the madness creep in, certain that the winter will never go away.

The forecast for the week is predicting freezing rain, snow and colder temps. The angry red temperature icon has returned to my phone, alerting me to the winter weather advisory in affect. Not only does this week mark St. Patrick’s Day but also the first day of spring and I felt a theme brewing for my blog posts. I’m not a St. Patty’s celebrant, but I do love green, so get ready for a week focused on “All Things Green While I Search for Spring” because we can’t let ourselves succumb to the March Madness!

Before the sleet and snow hit, here are some of the signs that I’ve seen so far that spring is just around the corner:

1) The ice has melted enough that Danny can safely walk the streets again while he continues healing from his injury last fall:

2) You need your rain boots instead of your snow boots (wish I’d worn warmer socks!):

3 & 4) Two of the biggest signs for Minnesotans that spring is here:

5) My strawberries are showing, how can they still be green?

6) The biggest sign of spring? This was everywhere:

By Heidi Van Heel
Heidi Van Heel

Heidi Van Heel

Writer, freelancer, and believer in magic living in Minneapolis. In my free time, I love reading, exploring the great outdoors, and experimenting in the kitchen.

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