The Art of Saying Thank You


I’m big fan of the Thank You Note which is a bone of contention in our house. The Husband rolls his eyes when I bring out the little notecards and a short bout of bickering typically ensues. He is of the opinion that it means more to say thank you in person then to send a card. I think that’s just good manners, of course you should say it in person! Personally, I think it says a little something extra if you take a few minutes from your day to write a short note thanking a person for their thoughtfulness. It doesn’t take long and when was the last time you received real mail? Ours is usually full of junk mail or bills, so when I find real correspondence in the mix, I’m usually beside myself. Think of spreading that feeling to someone else, why wouldn’t you want to send a Thank You Note?

You can imagine then my glee to come home to this taped to my front door:

thank you art

I received the ultimate Thank You Note for the sweater surgery that I performed, and it is now proudly displayed on my refrigerator. My young friend has upped the ante of the Thank You but she is obviously a budding artist and we can’t all compete with that. Most of us can write “thank you,” address an envelope and apply a stamp though. I encourage everyone to take a few moments to send a thank you from time to time, you’ll never know how many smiles it might bring to someone’s day.

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