Move Over Coco


Okay, I’m definitely no Coco Chanel and have no desire to be, but I did successfully make two new skirts which has me pretty stoked. This is proving to be the best $9.99 that I ever spent:book

This is a great book for newbie sewers, at least according to this newbie sewer.  I wasn’t feeling very photogenic, so I dressed up Matilda. Please note, I put a t-shirt on her for modesty, not to make a fashion statement.

Here’s my first circle skirt made out of cotton. Now if it would just warm up enough to wear it:

And my first wool A-line skirt, this was super comfortable and warm on its test-run out on the town:

Pretty soon I might be ready to take off the training wheels and give this pattern a try. After reading the directions of this “VERY EASY” Vogue pattern, it seems that their definition of “very easy” is completely different from my own:

Who would’ve guessed so much inspiration would come from finding The Perfect Dress on that trip to LA?

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  • I say let’s have a sew-a-long! I’ve never found Vogue’s “Very Easy” patterns that easy. Well the sewing part is but the fitting is awful! I cleaned my sewing area last weekend and needed a quick and simple project to get my mojo back. I made two small pillowcases for a pair of decorative pillows I bought, oh, last summer. But now they are done and cute and I’m ready for a new clothing project!

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