Hacking My Way Through The Closet


The hours that I’ve spent over the last month watching NEW GIRL left me inspired to revisit my wardrobe. Until this point, I considered my style rather “Liz Lemon.” After watching all of the cute vintage-inspired dresses and fun pajama sets on NEW GIRL, I wanted to add a little “Jessica Day” to my life. I evaluated the closet and things looked bleak. Money was spent trying to kick start this plan and the initial attempts have reminded me of why I don’t like shopping, but one must suffer for their inspirations, right?

After my successful creation of my new “little green dress,” I decided to try my hand at altering garments in my closet that were never quite right.

Exhibit A: Sassy corduroy blazer with GIANT puffed sleeves:blazer

Okay, so the shoulders don’t look as ginormous in this picture, but when I wore this thing, I worried that I’d accidentally knock myself out with them. Still, I loved the idea of the blazer, so it remained in the closet.

Now that I’m an expert sewer (see green dress for my newfound confidence), I inspected the shoulder seams to see what kind of damage I could do. I was very pleased with myself for this more subdued shoulder: blazer

From there I hacked up a pair of corduroy pants that were way too big. I made this awesome skirt:skirt

So far my new look is coming across a little “Liz Day,” but it’s all a process, right?

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By Heidi Van Heel
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