Date Night (for One): A Girl and Her Griddler


When the Best-Good Friend couldn’t make it for an impromptu dinner date tonight to test a new recipe, I felt the only responsible thing to do was to make panini. Yes, I still can not stop making (and eating) paninis. I’ve been slowly working my way through the leftovers in the fridge in a mind-blowing experimental spectacular of panini-making. Yesterday I even used the last of the black bean spread on my breakfast panini and you know what? It was DELICIOUS. Last night there was a weird quesadilla experiment that was quite a mess, but yummy to the tummy. Wait, did you know that you can make quesadillas in the griddler too? BECAUSE YOU CAN.

Tonight I used up the last of the pesto, the spinach, half an avocado, some faux ham courtesy of The Mother, and a little Havarti on multigrain bread. The results were so good, I couldn’t stop eating to get a picture. So here is a picture of a cute squirrel instead:

Did somebody say panini?”

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