Weekend Delights: Local Theater, Food and Winter Farmers Markets


Another whirlwind weekend that was filled to the brim in all the right ways. The Husband and I started things off at Hot Plate in south Minneapolis for an early breakfast on Saturday. I love the “paint by numbers” art all over the walls, we always wonder who painted them. This time I got the Greek Scramble but my favorite is the “BLT Omelet” (minus the ‘B’ for this vegetarian, of course):

Greek Scramble
My Greek Scramble with feta cheese, spinach and kalamata olives. Served with fried potatoes and toast, I ate mine with orange marmalade. (vegetarian)
Breakfast Sandwich
The Husband’s Drive-Thru Sandwich: Biscuit with sausage pattie, fried egg, American cheese, and a side of fried potatoes.

From there we headed to the Mill City Museum where the Mill City Winter Farmer’s Market was being held. I had never been there before and it was really cool, we’re going to go back to tour the museum another day when we have more time.

The Mill City Museum is on the Mississippi River in downtown Minneapolis and is adjacent to St. Anthony Falls and the Stone Arch Bridge. The building is built into the ruins of what was once the world’s largest flour mill. Indoors at the market, there were 40 farmers market and craft vendors, including the whole reason I had to go Singing Hills Goat Dairy. She talked me into a sample of the Dilly Garlic Goat Cheese Curds at the Kingfield/Fulton Winter Market a few weeks ago and they were so amazing, I had to stock up.

Five bags of Dilly Garlic Goat Curds later, I was a happy woman. We also bought some Olsen’s Naturals Healing Lip Balm, Triple Crown BBQ Sauce made in NE Minneapolis (a three-time Minnesota State Fair Blue Premium winner – that’s serious), and some salsa verde from a cool organization I wasn’t familiar with, Urban Roots. I can’t wait to taste it!

farmers market purchases
Our winter market goodies.

Thanks to our early start, there was time to take Danny on a walk. It was a balmy 15 degrees, but we did a little bird watching while we walked along Minnehaha Creek. And then The Husband and I were off again. We were heading back downtown, this time with The Mother and The Brother to see A Christmas Carol at The Guthrie Theater. It was bitterly cold outside, so the views from the Endless Bridge were short and sweet.

I have a new favorite meal and you can find it at Brasa. Brasa serves comfort food inspired by the creole cooking traditions of the Americas and Caribbean, and my Black Bean Fritter Sandwich was SO GOOD. I love that they use 100% natural, locally produced organic producers. Their meats are slow cooked featuring rotisserie, braises and roasts – I can’t speak to that (and my bad photos prove it) – but The Brother and The Husband were both members of the Clean Plate Club.

By that point in the day, I was ready to put my feet up and we finally watched Cloud Atlas. I thought that was one of the most amazing movies I’ve ever seen, what a story. The book is on my reading list now, will I be disappointed?

Sunday I decided to tackle things around the house. First up, a batch of The Regret of Sharing Banana Bread. I added some chopped Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and some Hershey bars this time. YUM. While it was in the oven, I started filtering the grape vodka for bottling. 16 cups of vodka later, I only have one more jar to go. What a mess:

vodka infusion filtering
I filter my vodka infusions through coffee filters. Is there a better way?

Since I couldn’t make a bigger mess of myself now that I was covered in grape infused vodka, I decided to tackle Danny’s Thanksgiving bath. I usually end up wetter than he does:

Danny Bath Time
Such a sad face. What did he do to deserve this??

After I toweled myself off, I thought Cleo was trying to tell me that she forgave me for putting Soft Claws on her this morning:


Turns out she was making a move on my tea time treat. She didn’t get any of that either, I better sleep with one eye open for awhile….

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