Breakfast of Champions: Green Juice


I don’t know about you, but I think this looks like the perfect breakfast for a Squeaky Green Machine:

green juice
Green juice to power a girl through the morning.

Inspired by the Spinach-Apple juice recipe from EatingWell (which is REALLY GOOD), I decided to experiment and threw everything but the kitchen sink into it.

I had two Honey Crisp apples, a green bell pepper, some kale, an inch of ginger, a couple stalks of celery and half a grapefruit – the combination ended up being pretty tasty.

The Husband, I might mention, does not think this looks appetizing at all and could not be compelled to try it. I hope that you live adventurously and give it a go!

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By Heidi Van Heel
Heidi Van Heel

Heidi Van Heel

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