Date Night (for One): Back to Basics


Sometimes when a girl is planning her solo Friday night, she has to go back to basics: Delivery. When I think about the most self-indulgent way to spend an evening, it includes delivery, television and knitting. Tonight is a return to those indulgences.

One would think that ordering a pizza is simple, but they are obviously not the pizza aficionados that I am. We also have four different DELICIOUS pizza places to choose from and all provide their own unique experience. I confess that I know personally that you can order from a different location every night and not tire of pizza. Now I try to curb my enthusiasm to dial for delivery by planning meals in advance, and aspire to only order pizza once a week (*cough*). With this in mind, I must weigh my choices very carefully when I have the opportunity to indulge.

I decided to consider my delivery options based on the television I planned on consuming. Would I feed my brain watching back episodes of NATURE on the DVR? Would I binge watch some “Orange is the New Black” on Netflix? Or would I dig deep into the DVDs and spend the evening watching personal favorites that would have The Husband scoffing? I opted for the third option. Two DVD classics: “GHOST” and “Dirty Dancing.” I would have an evening dedicated to Patrick Swayze and self-indulgence. That meant that there was only one delivery option appropriate for the evening: Fat Lorenzo’s. Hand-tossed with a spicy, chunky sauce and cheese bread oozing mozzarella in a classically Italian way (to this Minnesotan anyway). Comfort food for the soul. I found a bottle of wine simply labeled “Red Table Wine” and decided that Patrick would have approved. Sometimes simple is best.

And now as I sit with the pizza box balanced on my knees and Red Table Wine in hand enjoying my solo evening of self-indulgence, I look forward to crying at Patrick’s parting words of comfort: “The love inside? You take it with you….” Sometimes nothing beats a Friday night at home alone.

Fat Lorenzo's

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